Level the playing field
Political power for the creator economy

The game is rigged

Whether it comes from rich individuals, special interest groups, or corporations, big money dominates politics. The game is rigged, and ordinary people don’t feel like they can make a difference.


Solution? Level the playing field

Decisions like Citizens United have given big money more power than ever through the use of Super PACs. We level the playing field by giving political influencers — ordinary people who care about politics — their own Super PACs, for free.

Our mission:

To give “small money” the power of “big money”.

To use the power the Supreme Court has given super PACs to empower the little guy.

To have less money — and less corruption — in politics.

About Us:

Billionaires and big corporations use Super PACs to influence elections. But ordinary people with political opinions - "political influencers" - don't have Super PACs.

LevelField gives political influencers the advantages that billionaires and big corporations have. Our goal is to level the playing field and show that democracy isn't just for the rich.

LevelField. Because you don't have to be a millionaire to change the world — anymore.

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